Well, folks, it’s been a busy week both in the Elite Tigers Group and for me personally. There have been two launches from members of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success Programme (P2S), which as you know I am now a member of, as well as some massive launches in the industry generally.

Whilst this has been going on I have also been negotiating to take over an additional existing ad exchange site, and it is likely that this will be added to the Elite Tigers family some time during the next week. Our Febby Fabby promotion continues to fly out and we have this week moved to over 9,800 members across the group.

In P2S I have been developing this blog, and you will notice if you are an avid weekly reader that it now contains opt-in forms, which gives you another way to subscribe to my regular mailings. You may also want to consider, if you currently use a safelist e-mail address as a member of one of my sites, to subscribe here with one of your better e-mail addresses, because a lot of the offers that I send out are time sensitive and you may miss out by seeing them late!

The product that has really been creating a buzz this week is Sendiio. It is the first autoresponder ever that can also send messages by SMS and to Facebook Messenger. It is also available for a limited period for a one-time fee, which means that lots of people can save a fortune on monthly autoresponder costs.

As you know I have a few people that I consider as mentors in different aspects of internet and affiliate marketing. John Thornhill is obviously one, but they also include Jono Armstrong, Kevin Fahey and Simon Coulson. Well, one of them (Jono) also had a major launch this week, and his Youtube related product Octane is probably my favourite release of the year so far. Why not click on the link and check out my review?

Over here in Britain it has all been kicking off on the political scene, with breakaway MP’s in our parliament resigning and forming new independent groupings. Plus, of course, we still have not sorted out our Brexit situation. There is no doubt that in these turbulent times a solid internet marketing business, covering multiple different revenue streams, is the perfect way to protect yourself against the vagaries of erratic decisions by our politicians of whatever political persuasion!

See you soon.


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    • David Wakeman

      Hello Dawud,

      Sounds like you have quite a bit going on. It’s good to make sure we hedge our bets when it comes to income. No telling what our governments will screw up. They are good at that.



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