I’m writing this on St. Patrick’s Day so I thought I’d add an Irish welcome as the headline. I actually spent 5 years living in Ireland in two spells between 1998 and 2007 so I know the place and the people pretty well. I started my first physical company there, sadly long since gone, and also had my first ever book published so I have a fair amount of affection for the place.

This week has been a busy week for launches (when is it ever not?) and there have been a few things that I’ve been promoting that I really like. Dexter Morgan (no not that one!) had a great new release with his Funnel Wealth product. I like it because it actually properly explains what a funnel is, something that a lot of newbies don’t understand and which most marketers take for granted. Dexter’s course has 55 videos and over 10 hours worth of content making this a brilliant introduction to the topic.

Other very good products this week have included Smart Goals Expertise (a great PLR product), Michael Cheney’s fun new release The Gold Rush and another funnel based product, but this time with an E-Commerce angle, XPress Funnels.

I have continued developing this blog on John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success programme, whilst over at the Elite Tigers Group our Marvellous March Promo today took on a St. Patrick’s day theme – you can see what I mean HERE!

Well, it remains busy, busy, busy – so I’d better get back to work. Catch up soon.

Is Mise Le Meas

Daithi Ioslam (Dawud Islam as gaelige)

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    • Paraic Bergin

      Dia dhuit a Dhaithi,

      I reckon this must have been the quietest St. Patrick’s Day since the celebrations began way back when. Great to see your busy. I did go over to see your St. Patrick’s Day theme – but what I see is a June promo? I’m also in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success and following your wonderful success with great interest – you’re miles ahead of me though – I’m just finishing Phase 1, Day 11 today.
      Kind regards,

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