Hi Folks and welcome to my personal blog. Most of what I want to say is in the video above so do check it out, but I will also keep you updated on what I’ve been up to in between recording new content. Today I’ve been busy reviewing Vidmatrix , which is a really cool piece of software from Mario Brown that does what you would normally need five different video apps for! I’ve been trying to keep up with the news on Brexit and The Donald’s ‘State of the Union Speech’ and did actually for once find the time to watch the highlights programme Match of the Day (it’s a ‘soccer’ show, stateside folks!). There was just the small matter of my latest site launch this week as well, which you can have a look at HERE if ad exchange type sites are your thing! Keep checking back and seeing what I am up to – it’ll make your own life seem much more interesting!

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    • Rick Herring

      I was going through your course on emails. I received a lot of great information, but I was unable to finish and now I am unable to get back to the site with the great training.

      I would greatly appreciate some direction in getting back to the email training.

      Thank You,

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