Oh-oh-oh-Ooooooh, Oh-oh-oh-Oooooh….. Ok, most of you are too young to remember Carl Douglas’s cult UK No.1 hit Kung Fu Fighting and probably don’t even know that those ‘cats were fast as lightning’, but this week I have felt that I needed some sort of martial arts skills to see me through the week after Flu descended but the internet, of course, never sleeps. So, I’ve had to soldier on and hope my throat holds out long enough to stumble through a review video or two without breaking into a coughing fit and having to start all over.

It didn’t help that this week also saw the latest launch to my own stable of websites, Traffic System Club. I’ve tried to do something a little bit different with this one and I’m giving away a free PLR or Software product every single day to upgraded members and one once a week to free members. It seems to be creating some interest.

Over at Partnership To Success, John Thornhill’s mentorship programme, I’ve been progressing with getting this blog into shape, as well as helping out on a couple of launches, albeit not that successfully.

Amazingly, though, I have managed to trouble the scorers over at Warrior Plus, getting into the Top 10 for Lazy Attractive Profits and actually making it to the No. 3 spot for Amanda Craven’s Total Turnaround.

My favourite release this week, however, has to be Mo Miah’s Snapishop, which is probably the most newbie friendly E-Commerce store set-up that I’ve so far seen and deserves to do well.

Away from work we are no closer to sorting out our Brexit mess in the UK, although something has to give in the next 7 days, whilst in football (Socc-Cerr) Watford continue to confound the critics (and me) by reaching Premiership safety by the start of March. I suppose if my football team has finally left mediocrity behind then it’s time I also stepped up to the plate!

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