I am now into the second week of my mentorship with John Thornhill as a member of his Partnership To Success programme. I have been busy improving the look of this blog, as well as getting my head around Optimize Press. If you checked in with me last week then you will notice that the themes and appearance of the blog are very different from last week!

It has been a busy week in P2S as well as across at the Elite Tigers Group. We celebrated our first anniversary on February 13th, marking one year since the launch of our first site, Epic Downline Builder. Well, what a year it has been since then. We have grown to 16 sites and almost 9,500 members and we are growing from strength to strength. We have paid out tens of thouands of dollars in commissions and have helped many people in their quest to make a full-time living online.

However, the Ad Exchange and Mailers world is narrow and fraught with dangers at present. I have seen nearly all my top promoters lose their Paypal accounts over the past six months, as indeed I have lost my main account. My short term loss was only in the hundreds, but I know several members that saw thousands of dollars go north for at least six months after their accounts were frozen.

Internet marketer Malcolm Graves hit the nail on the head this week when he revealed that there are only around 10,000 people active month-on-month in the Ad Exchange and Mailers niche, and that this figure has not changed in the past ten years. Anyone looking to make a full-time earning in such a narrow niche is clearly going to have their work cut out.

That is why I myself am diversifying and why I am encouraging all members of the Elite Tigers Group to do the same this year. Real products, physical or digital, are the way forwards. By opening up new niches in software or online courses, for example, we suddenly find that we have a marketplace of millions instead of thousands and the outlook and potential suddenly looks very different.

There are many, many great things out there to promote. Here at P2S I have this week helped with the launch of former student Shelley Penney’s latest product Graphic Design Academy V3 (which also includes the previous two products as FREE bonuses). Click on the link to watch my video review. Easy Pro Funnels is probably my favourite new release this week, as it is an absolutely great way for newbie affiliate marketers to get up and running on JV Zoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank – crucially without needing to worry about getting approvals to sell products. Watch my review to see what I mean. There have also been some stonking PLR products out this week, of which Motivation Mojo is probably one of the best.

Motivation Mojo was launched this week.

Next week I will be developing this blog further, whilst continuing to review the newest releases on the Elite Tigers Group Youtube Channel. We will also be continuing our Fabulous February promotion over in the group, which as the title suggests runs all month. Meanwhile, today is Valentines Day and so I had better stop writing this and go and spend a bit of precious time with my significant other!

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    • Paul Hayl.ett

      Hi Dawud,

      Interesting read. It’s great to see you helping
      others to achieve their dreams of financial success.

      I always say motivation gets you so far, but it’s
      having a burning reason WHY your doing what
      your doing that will keep you pushing forward when
      the path becomes more challlenging.

      Would love to hear your thoughts on this 🙂

      Stay Awesome,


    • Martin Roch

      Hi Dawud,
      I totally agree with your thoughts. It’s a case of “Diversify or Die” and so many businesses have failed simply due to this.
      Great post.

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