Another busy week at the Tigers saw us launch our NINETEENTH website (count em!) with the release of our second revenue share co-op Premium Traffic Plus. The site launched on April 1st, prompting hilarity from some, but it has been no joke getting it all ready with everything else going on!

Here in the UK the ongoing Brexit situation has moved to farcical proportions and everything is so unpredictable that if you told me that the commons speaker John Bercow was going to turn up in sequins and roller skates and to start singing Mamma Mia it would scarcely be any less believable than what has actually been happening. We have somehow this week managed to make Donald Trump’s presidency look sober and uneventful in comparison!

Back in internet land, though, we cannot afford to be shaped by events and continue with having to set our own agendas. As ever, and this will always be the case, our success lies solely within our own hands. There have been some excellent PLR releases in the past week and I particularly liked CAT CARE PLR (who on the internet doesn’t love cats?) and the excellent PLR VIDEO LEAD MAGNET, launched by a member of one of my own mentorship groups John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success.

I must admit I have been challenged for time this week because of the new launch and so haven’t had as much time as usual to engage with John’s programme, but that should be put right this week as I need to catch up.

My favourite release of the past seven days, though, has been Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong’s new CASH MAGNETS, which teaches you how to set up 5 completely PASSIVE income streams. When, like me, you find that there are never enough hours in the day, these sorts of courses are absolutely invaluable.

Oh! – and I did finally manage to get down to the gym for the first time since January! Speak to you all soon.

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    • David Wakeman

      Hello Dawud

      Congratulations on your 19th launch. That’s awesome. I hope that you will now have a bit of time for you and your family.

      Great success


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